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WA NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Saturday 23rd May, 2009

An article in the West's paper on this particular date is copied and pasted below for your perusal in case you missed it. If you want to know the real truth, please read the reply seeing as the paper as been misinformed and happy to publish incorrect information.


Unlawful brothels flourish in suburbs (in Perth)

23rd May 2009, 9:15 WST

The extent of Perth’s underground sex industry has been revealed, with a comprehensive survey uncovering scores of illegal prostitution businesses operating out of houses and apartments in more than 20 suburbs.

From cut-price prostitutes working in Bayswater, Victoria Park and South Perth to high-class escorts charging more than $2000 a romp, the WA sex industry is far bigger than the nine Perth and three Kalgoorlie brothels allowed to operate openly under the police containment policy.

The policy was started in the 1950s but was officially dropped early this decade.

Industry insiders say State MPs have tiptoed around the issue of prostitution for the past 20 years and while numerous ministers have pledged to tackle it, all have failed.

The Town of Victoria Park claimed yesterday it was all but powerless to prevent private sex workers from operating in its boundaries and argued the State Government’s decision to repeal Labor’s prostitution laws would make its job even more difficult.

Attorney-General Christian Porter is working towards delivering the Government’s election promise to ban prostitution outside designated zones, overturning Labor’s legislation to regulate 38 existing brothels. Prostitution is legal in WA but living off its earnings is illegal.

“I think the Labor laws still had some issues but . . . from our point of view actually having some registration and control to ensure that they were doing the right thing, even from a health point of view, was a step in the right direction,” Town of Victoria Park sustainable development director Rochelle Lavery said.

“There is still no way of legalising or in any way controlling it and that’s just how it is.”

Of more than 100 private sex workers contacted this week, most said they were operating in the eastern suburbs. Victoria Park, Rivervale, Lathlain, Maylands, South Perth and Como had the most workers.

While most offered their services from private apartments or houses, some were operating from motels. Young Asian women were an overwhelming majority of the sex workers with some “facilitators” offering a range of Asian women from a single address.

At the top end, phone calls to women advertised on a premium escort service website revealed many were operating in East Perth, Northbridge and Burswood.

Beverly Clarke, owner of the Langtrees brothels in Perth and Kalgoorlie, said a former Langtrees employee was running the website, using apartments she owned across Perth as makeshift brothels. “She is not the only one,” Ms Clarke said.

“It can be right next door to your grandmother or someone with children.

“There has been a decline in inhouse service for many years now and that is because too many girls have been allowed to work privately.”

Ms Clarke said so-called “Asian houses” were opening at an alarming rate. In some cases, girls were living in the ceilings of houses and were crammed together.

Perth MLA John Hyde said he had been told of operations setting up in suburbs, including Inglewood, Maylands, Belmont and Bayswater. Some were carrying out unsafe practices and offering unsafe sex.

Scarlet Alliance chief executive Janelle Fawkes, who worked in the sex industry in WA for 13 years, said she did not believe illegal brothels were on the rise but people were becoming more aware of their existence, particularly in the eastern suburbs



I think it's about time people opened their eyes and realised that the dark ages are over. Girls are leaving brothels mainly to be able to work for themselves without harshness, being abused and used and mistreated as some brothels do to the girls. Others are leaving to be able to earn all the money taken for doing a service for their clients rather than giving the lions share to the brothel owners. When working in brothels some of them fine you for being late, fine you for going home early, fine you for missing a shift, take you off the roster for 2 weeks if you call of sick (disregarding the loss of income to the girl) and pretty much put you on a sub human level in regards to your rights and options as an employee. I know, I saw this happening personally, so can back it up. There needs to be proper laws in place to protect their rights without giving away their private rights of working in this Industry. This Industry can be dysfunctional & does attract some who can't work in other types of jobs, but then it needs to be to be able to work as they do, but it shouldn't take away their human rights though & should be as any other people working in a business like anyone else. Not saying that there isn't a need for brothels as it can create its own security for some girls without the hassle of worrying about the extra's when you run your own business and having everything there for you, o for having to work straight 9 - 5 hours, but for others it creates another trap as per above and their choice to go private is their choice to run things the way they see as best in their situations.

Due to this kind of treatment, many girls have gone out on their own, leaving agencies and brothels, so they can set up their own businesses, with their own professional standards, control their own destinies, work their own hours to suit their commitments etc to family and lifestyle, and give a service without feeling robotic and under someone else's control or pressure to perform or do things when they don't want to or can't. There are two sides to all stories as well as two sides to a coin, but fairness and respectability go a long way. They can then control not having to socialise whilst waiting around for 12 hours a night, drinking with boredom or taking pills to stay awake, they work normal hours, normal days and fulfill a normal need during the day as well. Most private girls don't work of an evening, so your not having visitors in their homes etc at unruly hours. Most people wouldn't even know half the time when someone is working nearby as they do their best to be discreet and private. I am of course talking more about the upmarket professional worker, especially like those on this site.

You will find most girls on this site work in a professional manner with respect for their job and their business, pay taxes like everyone else and pretty much keep to their own business without affecting anyone else. Most of them work in or around the city and only a few work in the suburbs. The dark side of the coin of girls that mainly work in the suburbs you will find are pimped by those living off their earnings, sending them over from East and are mainly asians cramped and working 2, 3, 4 or maybe even 5 to an apartment. Or girls who don't run as professionally as the girls on this site, and that isn't related to all girls if they aren't on this site because there are still other goods one who don't advertise on PG's..

If everyone focused on the real issues out there instead of the majority of certain brothel owners trying to depict the private Sector as the main problem area, hoping to wipe it out so they can get the girls back into the brothels, then they could find the major problems being street workers, and low cost asian and other workers of not so nice qualities are the problems. These also include some women who work from home, possibly have kids in another room etc and really need to be taken into account. This does happen and is the not so nice section of this Industry. A lot of Private workers don't need to be taking drugs to get them through long shifts etc and most don't have those habits either.

My site is only an advertising portal for working girls around australia and no apartments are run as makeshift brothels as stated by someone who thinks they know the Industry and incongruently told to the newspapers for whatever of their own intentions in affecting another persons business. Some girls look for shared accommodation with others, and being a network, information is shared between all to work together as a community to be as professional as possible. It may not be easy to do this 100% but we are doing a damn fine good job and working on this community networking system, work in with fraud squad, vice squad etc if any problems arise and stay in touch with laws etc.This way the girls have a form of security as each other, sharing information, problem client information and feel a sense of purpose and dignity to have this around them and still keep their own individual identity.The fact that the private girls have co-joined as a network is what frightens brothels because it gives them strength to not be so isolated in an Industry that so many people don't even really understand what it's all about or try to understand. If you only knew that a lot of people you may meet and highly respect, could be one of those women, maybe it would open a few eyes. Networking allows them to have contact with other private workers al over Australia and communication allows them to have help when visiting other states.

Right now, prostitution is illegal in WA and that includes for BROTHELS as well, but is allowed as long as not living off the earnings of prostitutes,, so if some brothels are so concerned about their business, started giving a lot better respect and treatment to the girls, then maybe they wouldn't have so few left in their businesses. Anybody who cares enough for themselves and their quality of work wont stay where they are mistreated or abused. Girls working in a brothel are working just as illegally as girls privately and their is no containment policy around anymore, and until the new laws finally get done hopefully based on correct information, rather than incorrect from some biased people, then it is allowed to occur. the private girls on the site are all kept up to date with the law and work with them if any problems arise.

Since this website started there has been a quality of working girls bought into the Private Sector of the Industry that raised the standards or the bar and the clients know it and saw it and responded to it. Others are also aware of it as well. If the people who are involved with setting new laws etc and trying to set new laws actually spoke to the private workers themselves instead of just brothel owners, then they actually might learn a thing or two and be surprised, but maybe that would be asking too much as most of them just think they already have the knowledge and insight into the Industry and make their decisions based on that.

The professional workers like to be left in peace, do their business, which help keeps sexual crime to a lesser quantity off the streets etc, and are only providing a service that has been in existence for thousands upon thousands of years, are more focused on being self independent instead of getting into bad relationships or situations as a lot of people do, keep their identities private so they don't be judged as judgmental people out there do also, and also follow the law as much as there is one out there, without there being one. Contact with law is constant for advice and information as well.

They offer a service that takes loneliness away from lonely people who find it hard to have relationships, they provide a service for those that are rejected by society and make them feel a bit of self confidence in themselves, provide a service for disabled people, from whom others turn away, and yes they often provide a service for partners of others who may not be getting what they want at home, but doing so with no attachments etc. For anyone else they provide a service for, it is a required service that is wanted by many people. Making it hard for the private sector only allows to create a darker side to the Industry to grow.

So I think it's about time, that everyone came out of the woodwork, that they really take a good look at the whole industry and start judging and basing their decisions on real people doing real things in this society and change their perspective that gives them the right to say what is right or wrong, when each persons perspective is based only on their own conditionings and thought processes that have been ingrained into them for many many years, or from their religion or own upbringing. Who has the right to say its right or wrong, it just is and should be worked in so that those who treat it as a proper business can conduct it like on to the law. I always say, that he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Get outside the box and change the way you think about this Industry and bring it into the right perspective of what its really about, find the right ways to control the people who are doing the wrong things, but help those who do the right things to keep doing them. Those majority do it right but will still be victimised.

Take a good look at our own society and departments of governments etc full of corruption and power players and you think this industry is bad??? look again and only this time open your eyes and accept and start doing the right thing in working it out for all who count instead of just the big players who want to make all the money off the girls.

By the way, the West Australian Newspaper without permission, took copy write photo's off the website and published them in the newspaper without any thought or respect to the privacy, nor the permission of the girls, or the website, or the ramifications if they actually get recognised and victimised by people. Of course, they think they can do anything they want without advanced thought of how this could damage their lives. Well done WA newspapers. if you offered better advertising format for the professional worker, then you might have more girls advertising in the West, where they choose not to, due to the hundreds of idiots phoning up wasting their time.

To finalise, they should leave the private workers that do the right thing, their own choice as to whether they work independently or in a brothel, so at least they can keep their lifestyle as normal as possible rather than having to be forced to comply with others rules and regulations that then put them in situations that create bad lifestyles or choices or put their safety at risk. Speak to them when making the laws rather than just brothel owners who's own interests are at heart in regards to getting rid of privates and find the real story of what's happening in the Industry, because so far, no-one has spoken to the people who really count and who it really affects and this is where it is wrong.

Girls once may have sat back and said nothing before, but the Industry is creating a whole new type of working girl, one with respect for herself and her choice to work in the industry, one that doesn't judge herself or others regarding their choice of work and one who wont sit back and be treated like lepers anymore. People like to think they work because they are forced into the Industry and that's usually all the stories you will see, when the majority aren't, they choose to work this Industry for a whole bunch of other reasons. Get the story right and get the truth as to how it really works. I had someone contact me to do a story based on this and when I tried to say that many choose it for other reasons and can get her to report from them, she wasn't interested at all, just wanted to prove people were being forced into the Industry because of the economics.

As one girl recently emailed me and said: "it's about time people stopped thinking that all working girls are junkies etc, I think they need to realise that most of the girls on your site are high class, independent, straight, fit, healthy, intelligent educated women, who choose to see clients with the same attributes" and therefore choose their environment to match. Junkies and drug addicted people are actually all through society in many high paid jobs as well, not just in the working industry although it can bring girls to the Industry once they are hooked as well to pay for the addiction if not in a high paid job. Imagine going to your doctor and not knowing that he could be a cocaine addict, or heroin addict, or to your dentist and other professional people who could also possibly be and you probably wouldn't even be able to tell. Time to get with the times people. Your own daughters are out there giving away sex for nothing starting from the age of 13 for some. look to teenagers where the drugs start to grow and do something about them. Go to the areas infested with Asian girls in multiple apartments in victoria Park, Bayswater etc and find out who is behind them to reduce that component, and deal with the real problems, rather than those who are not the problem.

As for the paper getting people with insufficient qualifications in the Industry all of a sudden to be the experts in knowing what is going on and giving misinformed information, what hope do we have for society to be getting the right information.

If you want to send comments etc about this article, feel free - but think about your thoughts and where they come from and start giving the real support that is needed for the girls. Leave the subject line intact as well so I know what it's for, and as we try and work in a positive space and stay away from the negative, I am not interested in any abusing emails etc. Just true thoughts and respect for what this is really about and focusing on where the Industry is going or where it should go This Industry was here well long before you and I were even born and will be here well long after we die. Let's finally set it up the right way.

CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR THOUGHTS - Please leave subject line as it is.

GIRLS - write your thoughts to the editor at in regard to them taking you rights of copy write and privacy by taking photo's and publishing them without consent. Where is the legal law in regards to that? You keep them in business with your advertising in the Newspapers for those that still choose this path, even when they wont allow webs to be published so you can only have to deal with legitmate interested business.





Just wanted to say that as a long term "client" (20years plus) of private working ladies I totally agree with the comments/facts of the reply  to the West Australian article. The newspaper as usual only quotes from what appears to be very bigoted/biased & self interested people who have no real understanding of the "privates" life & the needs of their clients. Evan though I have been a "client" for a long time the actual number of 'privates" is relatively low as I have always found them to be  friends as well & enjoyed numerous social times with each.There is a need in society for the services provided both by private & establishment lady's which will be there forever whilst the world's population comprises a mix of male & female..
I have also found that they do NOT fit the perceived normal personality as portraid in the news media - they have goals, values, feelings, families, homes, are educated, beautiful & healthy amongst other attributes..

I would hope that the reply is actually published in the paper .


Webowners note: Sorry Roger, I think the paper only wants false news as it takes face value at what anyone says without checking it's sources. I have written them a note about the copy write etc and haven't even had the courtesy of a reply or response in regards to its illegal use of the photo's etc, so that goes to show its integrity.



I personally believe the article reflects a fear in society stemming from a general ignorance of sex and sexuality which extends to many levels. In specific relation to the sex industry I feel this fear and ignorance is some of the most deep seeded. I also believe the misunderstanding extends to both the client and worker. Personally, I am a successful 33 year, old respected in my industry, who has a passion for females and sex but does not see nightclubs / bars as an attractive option for satisfying this passion. The personal escorts I have paid to meet have all been attractive, articulate, intelligent ladies running a business on a very professional level.

I do however appreciate that like many industries there are some 'bag eggs'. As per usual it is the responsibility of the consumer not to support the provision of these services. If humans are being exploited it is the responsibility of the government to aid the exploited whilst supporting the industry.

After all, we do not close the entire stock exchange when brokers illegially invest a clients money.

Thanks, Craig.



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